High-pass additional toll fee

한국의 하이패스 톨게이트

Toll surcharges are the fees imposed when you use toll-free roads but fail to pay the toll. When you receive the bill, it’s no big deal if you pay it right away. However, if you fail to pay even by the third reminder, the fourth one will include not just the toll but also the surcharge. If such incidents occur more than 20 times within a year, the surcharge is immediately imposed. Even if you pay off some of the outstanding tolls in between, the count still accumulates. The one-year period starts from the date of the first unpaid toll, excluding any tolls paid on the day of the violation.

미납요급 납부방법

영업소사무실/요금소 조회
GS25/CU 편의점미납조회→본인인증→미납여부
*법인차량은 추후서비스 예정
홈페이지(www.hipass.co.kr)본인명의 로그인
모바일『고속도로통행료』 앱 로그인
T-map『티맵』 앱 로그인

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