Given that Telegram is used by 1 billion people worldwide, its influence is significantly impactful. Telegram has promoted the NOT coin to many people through extensive free airdrops, leading to its listing and a substantial increase in its value post-listing. Following NOT coin, it is likely that they will list YES coin next, as Telegram is strongly pushing both YES and NOT coins.

The YES coin, which Telegram is heavily promoting, can also be mined for free through a Telegram P2E (Play to Earn) game. Here’s how you can get started:

1.  First, download the Telegram app.
2.  Enter this link to start the game: 
(You will receive 100,000 YES coins for free if you join through this link.)

3.  In the game, click on EARN.
4.  Connect your wallet.
5.  Run the game within Telegram (if you cannot start within Telegram, type /start in the Yescoin chat).
6.  Then, click play to proceed with the game.

This is a very easy game where you can automatically mine 1 YES coin each time you rub. If you mine a little each time you’re bored, it could result in a significant amount of free money if YES coin gets listed in the future.

Currently, in this early stage, you can get 600,000 YES coins for free just by connecting your wallet through Telegram. If YES coin rises to 20 won like NOT coin did, that would mean 1,200,000 won of free money.

It’s a good idea to claim the free coins during this initial stage, and mining a little whenever you’re bored could turn into a substantial amount in the future.

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