Elementary school student’s check card.

T-money Transportation Card
You can buy a transportation card at convenience stores. (3000-5000 won when paying by card)
You can also purchase it at subway station vending machines or online. Additional delivery charges apply for online purchases.
You can register your date of birth at convenience stores. (No special documents required)
There may be cumbersome procedures such as issuing an i-PIN when registering a child on the website. Registering directly at convenience stores is convenient!
You can recharge your card at convenience stores. (Cash only)
Advantages: Payment is possible at affiliated stores where T-money is accepted. In other words, it can be used like an allowance card.

Toss Youth Card
The issuance age is from 7 to 16 years old, and it’s a card that adolescents can use. This card is designed for adolescents and allows online payments and transfers. However, a disadvantage is that parents cannot check their children’s card statements.

Aikuca Card
Issuance age: All ages eligible

Features: Child management function for elementary school parents (parents can also view children’s card statements on their phones)

Advantages: 10% discount at convenience stores (previous month’s performance of 50,000 won), issuance possible even without parents’ phones, child location tracking service, card usage notification function

Disadvantages: No transfer function, regular postal delivery and mailbox confirmation required, structure where a transportation card is loaded into an allowance card, and the amount loaded on the transportation card and the amount loaded on the allowance card are separate. In other words, they need to be recharged separately.

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