Thoughts that humans can’t have.

The human brain doesn’t understand negative concepts.

Are you ready?

Don’t think about elephants.

You can’t tell the brain what not to do. It ends up emphasizing it.

It’s very important to switch to a positive mindset.

Instead of telling kids “Don’t eat on the sofa,” you should say “Eat at the table.” That’s the reason.

You should tell people what you want, not what not to do.

Pilots know this well, thinking “Don’t hit that obstacle” often leads to hitting it.

So if you focus on the obstacle, you’ll be exposed to it enough.

Have you seen how skiers avoid trees? How do they do it?

If you keep thinking “Avoid the tree,” eventually all you see is the tree.

Instead, think “Follow the path” or “Follow the snow trail.” Then you’ll only see the path.

It’s the same for you. If you focus on the obstacle, you’ll only see the obstacle.

What path to choose is up to you. It’s a matter of perspective.

For example:

Don’t take off your clothes → Keep your clothes on

Don’t eat on the sofa → Eat at the table

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