When a traffic accident occurs

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Hospitals known as specialized hospitals tend to be visited frequently by employees of medical insurance companies to get acquainted with the doctors. While vacations are often limited to 2-3 weeks, there’s a tendency to reduce longer vacations. It’s better to get diagnosed at different hospitals.

When insurance company employees ask for signatures, you should read the clauses slowly and seek advice on unfavorable or ambiguous terms. Also, never sign for the authorization to access medical records. These can be used favorably by the insurance company, and since lawsuits rely on information, it’s good to keep a copy of the access signature and make favorable decisions through advisory hospitals based on different doctors’ opinions.

MRI and CT scans are essential tools for injury diagnosis. However, medical insurance companies claim they can only scan certain areas like the neck or back. But this is just their policy, and if the insurance company denies payment, you can address grievances to financial regulators or consumer protection agencies for resolution. Otherwise, you may need to compromise or sue. If forced into litigation, medical expenses can be covered. This is a legal right stated in Article 10 of the Automobile Accident Compensation Act.

Actually, considering only the amount of damage isn’t practical and should be ignored. Claims of guaranteeing the actual received amount excluding taxes and utility bills are also meaningless.

Typically, victims are paid about 10-20% more, which is an insurance practice. As the proportion of shared fault approaches, negotiations for personal and property damages become easier. With a 10% fault ratio, you have the right to demand it, and in most cases, the fault is reduced by more than 10% during litigation.

Let’s get good treatment and recover.

Loss adjusters only calculate damages and insurance payments. They have the advantage of receiving compensation quickly at lower fees than through litigation and prefer reasonable settlements as there’s a risk of not receiving fees in litigation.

Attorneys’ fees are generally about 10% of the settlement, but they can secure maximum compensation. However, there’s a downside of possibly taking 2-3 years during the appeal process. It’s up to the victim, but hiring an attorney if possible is advisable. You can receive more compensation, and if payment is delayed, you may also receive interest.

Generally, there’s a certain level of camaraderie among employees of medical insurance companies, and sometimes they adjust a bit of negligence without the knowledge of the perpetrator or victim. Strangely, if negligence is underreported in situations with a high perpetrator ratio, there’s a need to file grievances with financial regulators. You should never trust either your own insurance company or someone else’s insurance company.

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